About us….

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us!

All kids need is a little help, a little hope and someone who believes in them.

Here at Manchester Girls FC, we believe in teamwork, togetherness, tolerance, trust and talent.
Togetherness is brought around by tolerance.
Talent is brought on by trust.
Teamwork is where we begin.

With teamwork anything is possible….

Who we are…

We are Manchester Girls FC and we were founded at the beginning of Summer 2019.

Why are we here…

Life is like football… You need GOALS!!

We are here to help girls of all ages and abilities reach theirs!

What is our purpose…

Our purpose is;

To help players gain confidence within their ability

Help players learn discipline & respect for themselves & others

And ALWAYS be inclusive regardless of the players age, ability, etc.

Where are we going...

The future is not something we enter, the future is something we create


Every pro was once an amateur, every expert was once a beginner.

So dream big and start NOW!

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U16’s Blog

28/09/2019 Game postponed

21/09/19 Home v Rochdale Sacred Hearts

First game at home for the Manchester Girls u16’s, for the first half the goal keeper was Amelia B.

Goal’s and scorers in order- Ella G runs down the right takes 2 girls on and whips the ball to the back post for Jess to slot home on the volley with her right foot. A little bit of pressure from Rochdale SH which then leads to them equalising 10 mins later. This is a real game with both teams giving all they can with Rochdale playing with a very physical and strong team but ManchesterGirls quickly rally themselves with some good interchanges leading to Layla C passing a through ball to Jess who slots it easily to the back post 2-1. Some more slick passing for Manchester Girls puts Saffron on a break through the centre of midfield and she plays a perfect ball to Olivia who rounds the keeper and it’s 3-1. Quickly on the attack again Olivia cruises to her hat-trick and makes it 4-1. Poppy comes off the bench with some tricks up her sleeve and gives their right back a torrrid time, twisting her inside and out to score her 2nd goal in 2 games is 5-1. A few minutes later the whistle blows for halftime.

2nd half gets under way. Olivia is brought back on to the pitch after she got winded in the 1st half, but it’s only made her more determined and not content with a hat-trick she heads home from an Erin free kick 6-1. Rochdale with a foray into the Manchester half and muscle their way back to score 6-2. Olivia who definitely packed her shooting boots today scores again to make it 7-2. Jess joins the hatrick party with her 3rd goal slotting the ball up in the top corner. Not to be out done on the scoring sheet Olivia hits the back of the net for her 5th 9-2. Ella G comes back on against a now tired looking Rochdale to ghost through and lays Kacey with a 1v1 on the keeper and she places in top corner. Not too be forgotten about Rochdale SH pull themselves together for one last push and come away with a consolation goal to make the final score 10-3

14/09/2019 Game 1 Away at Chadderton Park U16’s

1st game of the new season kicked off early on a crisp Saturday morn at 9am down at Chadderton Park’s pitch which lies in the shadow of Oldham Athletics home ground.

Both teams looked raring to go after completing some vigarous warm ups and it was Chadderton to kick off with an advantage of a low lying sun to their backs as the ref blew the whistle to start the first game of Manchester Girls FC story in the NMGL.

The Manchester Girls started off like released tigers from their cages as for the first quater of the game they mostly held possession of the ball for around 90% of the game played penning Chadderton very much in their own half, but some determined defence from Chadderton held the Manchester Girls at bay. It was on the 20 minute mark that a Manchester break down the left hand side produced a low cross to the box which saw the 1st NMGL goal for Manchester Girls scored by Ella G. For the next 10 minutes the Chadderton keeper produced some fine saves as the Manchester Girls ( although playing into a blinding low rising sun ) kept up the pressure on the Chaderton defence by providing sharp interchanges between themselves leading to some crisp strikes of the ball that were just found wanting for a little more space past the spritely keeper. It was on the 33rd minute that from another of the forays into the Chadderton box Manchesters 2nd goal was scored by Jess who headed home at the back post. Some brilliant work on the wing by Olivia lead to Manchesters 3rd goal which was unfortunately turned in to their own goal by a Chadderton player. Following in the words of another famous group from Manchester; Take That with’ It only takes a minute’ then surely Layla pops up to provide Manchester Girls with a 4th. Proving that the Manchester girls are just not all about attacking, Chadderton Park took a rare foray into the Manchester side of the pitch with a good break down the right interchanging some passes but just as the trigger was to be pulled on a shot, Niamh was there with a brilliant tackle showing the opposition that the Manchester Girls are just as savy at the back as well as up front. The game carried on to the half time whistle with some very good free flowing football from both sides but with no more chances converted.

The 2nd half of the game started off very much a carbon copy of the first half with once again Manchester having the lions share of the possession, and it was on the 56th minute that after almost 5 minutes of some possessional interplay by Manchester Girls,after a pass out to the left wing, and with a 15 yard jinking run, passing a defender with a drop of the shoulder to shoot low towards the rear post, Kasey opening the scoring for the second half giving Manchester Girls a 5 goal advantage. Not to be content with sitting back and defending the Chadderton Girls were now showng a lot of grit and determination the game took on a more of a open feel and for almost 15 minuets both teams fought a good midfield battle with probing passes being played for the forwads but some steely defending by both teams kept the ball from anything goal bound. A changed approach by the Manchester Girls on the 69th minute saw Layla tap the ball in at the back post after some brilliant work on the right hand side of the pitch by Poppy leading to a defence splitting pass for Layla. Manchester Girls 6 Chadderton Girls 0. By now the the Chadderton Girls had lost a lot of wind from their sails and although not giving in, Manchester Girls were just too swelled with their own wind which then lead to Sinead scoring on the 74th minute. After some great work from the left she found herself ready to control the ball, turn and shoot for the 7th Manchester goal, and whilst I was still taking notes from the 7th goal I looked up to see a well deserved goal by Poppy being buried home for the 8th. The game itself then just seemed to fly by then up until the final whistle where Chadderton Park Girls fought for all their might to try to reduce the deficit a little but found instead a very determined defence standing in their way. Big shout out also to a very influencial and energetic Captain for Manchester Girls in Saffron who was a very positive influence and vocal throughout the game who very much lead by example today.

All in all a fine performance of football leading to some well taken goals. I do not take anything away from the oppositions performance but they just came up against not just a good strike force but an equally energetic midfield and a determined defencet And with having no current fulltime keeper for the team, 2 of the outfield players volunteered to each keep the goal in either half, so a very special well done to them.

U13’s Blog

Game news, results and team updates.

Friendly v Bury Girls 15.6.19

  1. Olivia C
  2. Lexi
  3. Riss
  4. Lilly
  5. Jaz
  6. Kezia
  7. .
  8. Charlie
  9. .
  10. Denae
  11. Olivia
  12. .
  13. Katie.

It was a moment of history for our first ever full team friendly game for the U13’s. We took to the field against a well established Bury Girls u13’s, with a mixture of new and experienced players in our midst. Game kicked off and is was quite obvious that this game was meaningful for both teams as both sides put in some crunching tackles to vie for dominance in the game. First half was full on straight from Kick Off and with no let up till the half time. Very much a box to box game for both teams which saw them both go in at half time at 2-2. Goals scored by Lexi and Charlie.

The 2nd half was no different than the first with both teams playing some great attacking football backed up by some equally amazing defensive work but it would see Manchester Girls taking home the victory after more second half goals scored by Charlie and Lexi again, as well as Kezia to make the final score 3-5.

Standout performances today we’re by both Riss and Charlie. Whilst new girls Katie and Jaz were indistinguishable from the experienced players on the team.

GotG -Charlie