The Boot Room

Manchester Girls FC: “If the boot fits” recycling scheme.

Keeping our club Green by recycling as a team.

Kids will out grow their boots as they grow, even as much as twice in a single season. As parents ourselves we know buying new pairs at least once a season can be an expensive necessity (we have kids ourselves, we know how much of a struggle financially it can be as they grow!), especially as those boots worn are practically new when their feet have grown again and they are up to another size. That’s why we thought we would introduce a boot exchange. Rather than having to bin those boots or leaving them buried at the back of a cupboard until you get round to a car boot sale, if you could pass them on, another child may find use for them which in turn means they can further be involved in a game they love. And when the children have out grown their current boots and need a larger pair, feel free to check out the boots below already handed in to see if there is any suitable.

As players grow out of their football/astroturf boots, please can you consider recycling them with other Manchester Girls FC club members if you have no further need for them.

Instructions for exchange

If you have any, can you kindly give them a good wipe down and pass them on to your Coach or Manager at the end of a training session. We will then post them below so they are visible to others who possibly could do with a larger pair. All boots will be available for a small donation to the club. Just contact on the page below or send a quick mail to quoting the picture ref.

Adidas Boots size 2
£3.00+ Donor boots?
Ref: MG1
Adidas Boots size 4
£3.00 + donor boots?
Ref: MG2

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