Meet Our Sponsors

Manchester Girls are very excited to announce that for their 2020-2021 campaign they are sponsored by 2 very well respected buisness.

Manchester Girls U14’s Shirt Sponsors.

Gazebo Hair Salon have been situated on Claremont Rd, Irlams O’ Th’ Heights for over 25 years. Now with a refreshed look and revitalised members of staff, they look forward to using every piece of experience they have gained making sure you leave the premises feeling amazing.

Manchester Girls U14’s Jacket Sponsors

The Old Station House

The Old Station House Function Rooms have recently been refurbished to a very high standard. They feature not only 2 indoor rooms available to hire but an out door area complete with its own bar that is also available for hire.

Situated on the historic Bolton Rd, Pendlebury, Swinton M27. The building on the outside is a very picturesque stone and brick construction which when combined with the modern glasswork makes a wonderful first impression prior to entrance.

Once inside, customers will be even more impressed by the internal decoration of the main area. A true modern interior decoration gives the feeling of warmth and friendliness before even approaching the well stocked bar.

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