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31/10/2020 SMGL League Game Home to Edenfield Girls FC

First off may I say that I don’t think in all my years of girls football have I seen or been on a pitch where weather like that has happened and definitely not seen a team play on after that drenching to play like they did. Proud as a Coach, Proud as a supporter and Proud as a Dad. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
After 3 weeks ( I think ) without a game and only having 9 available, We took the responsibility to ask the opposition if they would play at 9v9. Even meaning that they had still 5 subs to exchange and we without a flying winger and one of our most experienced players and goalscorers in Tiah and EmH, alongside our mini Messi and newbie Sofia who are out due to injuries, so having odds definitely stacked against us but thought that it would be a lesson in communication, trust and teammanship at least for our girls. Boy.. wasn’t it just. What an outstanding team performance. Everything that had been taught in training sessions over the past weeks were show back to us today. And I know Jamie is bursting with pride knowing that the girls had actually been listening on a Tuesday night. ๐Ÿ˜
Talya was outstanding in goal. Not just saving the ball wise but actually being involved more, stepping out of her area to intervene and especially the communication and interaction with the goal kicks.
Ava is just the most natural, no nonsense player we could wish for playing left cent defence. Calm, collected but bloody tough to beat with a great eye for a pass out. Her and Talya tried somethings today that had me and Jamie with WTF moments but thought it was brilliant watching them experiment and learn in a game environment.
I never praise Lilly enough on here ( always hard being my daughter ) but once again a performance that makes me feel proud as a parent. Tough, tenacious almost impossible to beat yet has the capability and will to bring the ball out and take up the field.
EmB got her wish today. Most of the time me and J are left speachless as it looks like she hasn’t a clue what’s going on but suddenly pulls out a blinding tackle or goal saving interception. And when she runs with the ball she a fearsome sight for the opposite team. Today she moved to the right wing and didn’t really have a clue and then was placed as a lone striker and had even less of a clue. But what she did know is when the ball landed at your feet to run with it and have a crack. She is so strong when on the ball that the opponent’s struggle to take the ball off her and although it took a couple of attempts ( due to some fine saves TBH ) she bagged her 1st goal for the team today ( left footed as well!!)Really, really pleased for her ๐Ÿ‘
Alex too today was moved a little around, starting off on the right wing and then moving to right back before seeing out the game back on the right. Alex almost had her goal today with a very fine volley which just whistled past the post. Alex is always a quieter member on the pitch but I have never seen anything less than a 100% effort everytime she plays and today was no exception with an outstanding performance in every role given to her.
Lexi is also one of our quieter members but each week I see more and more confidence with her, and she deserves nothing less than than her goal today for a brilliant left wing display. ( Actually she deserves probably another goal but less said about that.. ) Put in a shift and a half today and I really do see an amazing partnership between her and Ava brewing on the left which will lead to something brilliant for the team as a whole as we move on.
Captain Aaliyahโ€ฆ Only going off and topping the last amazeballs free kick by this time scoring from nearly 35yards out. ๐Ÿ˜Ž As well as adding 2 more to that for a Captain’s Hattrick ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž. Brilliant communication with Talya, even better communication helping EmB to be a striker. All round brilliant performance.
Kayleigh could of walked off that pitch with triple hatricks today. When she relaxed she found an natural rhythm and partnership with both Aaliyah and Kez and the football played was something you see played by Brazil. Kayleigh also got moved a little bit to accommodate EmB being up front but looked no less out of place on the right wing then in usual position. Cracking performance with equally cracking goals scored.
Lastly Kezia. Probably one of the best games I have seen her play. So free with her ball play today I actually thought at first someone had taken her place. It was almost like she had come straight from a Tuesday session. Her passing was brilliant, her timings on her runs we’re almost spot on, she had assists for others as well as bagging a goal and she was back defending even though playing up front for some of the game. Kez also was another chosen to be moved slightly around due to the changes made but adapted brilliantly Altogether an absolute star turn, only marred by a mistimed tackle at the very end. ( Hope all will be ok๐Ÿคž)

So a 9-4 win with goals by Lexi, Kez, Kayleigh 2, Aaliyah 3 and also EmB!

Can not wait for the next game with at least our missing 2 to be back to add even more to this talented 9.

Opposition GotG:- Aaliyah

After a long debate a split Managers GotG :-
Kezia and Talya

Sorry for the long post but I thought every girl warrantied a individual mention with that team performance today. A team is made up of individuals. A great team is still made of individuals but ones that work in harmony. And today, (if I shut my eyes) it was like listening to TakeThats greatest hits acapella style. Not quite perfect, a couple of dodgy bum note moments but definitely an all round satisfyingly good listen with memorable highlights.

03/10/2020. SMGL League Game. Away at Failsworth Villa FC U14’s

In the wettest conditions the girls have ever faced and with the “Devil’s” having absences from the squad due to Covid and injuries, we went into the league game against Failsworth with just a bare 11 players.
Trying with a couple of players in new positions worked well to start but as time grew on, it was clear that the weather and physicality was affecting the legs and lungs more than the players would let on.
Manchester Girls found the net first with a superb cross from the right wing from Emily H across the box to a on rushing Kezia who calmly slotted left footed into the net. A couple of powerful plays later saw Failsworth draw level. A controversial goal from a Failsworth corner ( after the ball had gone out for another corner yet played back in by an opposing player whilst the “Devils” stopped awaiting the refs whistle) was deemed to stand, put the Manchester Girls on the backfoot. With conditions worsening and with luck and decisions seeming to not be on ourside, the girls went into the break a goal down.
The second half didn’t see much change in either conditions or luck and with another couple of goals to the opposing side, the end result was not a positive one for the Manchester Girls.

End result 4-1 loss.
Goal – Kezia
Opposition didn’t give their GotG ( we thought their No 7 deserved ours )
So our Opposition GotG goes to EmB. Some hard running, listening, accepting and understanding touchline instructions, learning all the time
Managers GotG is a split one this week with both Alex and Lilly taking half the award each. Both were given instructions and followed through to the letter. Big, bold and brave in defence, whilst calm and collected with ball at feet and timely interventions stopped a lot balls getting through.

Lessons learnt this week that we will take on board. Big positives to take from the game, despite the result, spirits are high as we move on to next week

26.09.2020 SMGL League Game Home To Wythenshaw Amateurs FC U14’s

What a cracker of a game this turned out to be on our 2nd attempt at our 1st home game of the season.

Only a scratch 11 players available for the ‘Devil’s’ due to a few injuries and isolation periods to be observed. The girls were still undaunted going up against a very energetic and organised Wythenshaw team. First half was a very balanced game with Wythenshaw taking the lead twice only to find our ‘Devils’ draw the score back level. Aaliyah with a “world class” free kick ( her 1st goal for the season! ) and Kezia with her 5th goal from 2 games played, after a decent amount of pressure applied in the opposing box from our Emily, April, Alex and Aaliyah. In the 2nd half we went out with a slightly different plan but without the substitutes for exchanges we were a little on the back foot already. But Wythenshaw had a plan and threw attacking wave after wave, with a few exchanges for fresh legs their constant attacks managed to find there way through and even with some brilliant saves by Talya great defensive work by EmB, Lilly and Ava we soon found ourselves down by another 2. But the devil’s were not going to lie down. Lexi in her new WB position saw a couple shots go wide of their goal after runs up the left. Winning the ball in her own box then taking the ball out of her own defence, Lilly went on a 40 yrd marauder through the middle of the park to put the ball out to the left for Tiah to pick up, take for another 30yrds, beat a couple of defenders as well as the keeper with a thunderbolt shot for her 1st for the season ( more wonderful for her after she spent 10mins off the field after taking the ball full in the face from point blank ). A quick long ball over the top of a tired defence saw a goal back from Wythenshaw after the restart but Manchester Girls were not to just sit back. A couple of passes later and our ” little Messi” danced through the opposing defence to score a very well deserved goal as unknown to the rest of everyone, she had been playing with a hand injury picked up in the first half. This led to her being taken off the field and straight to hospital to find she had been playing on with a broken thumb which will see out of the team for at least 3 weeks. The game carried on for the last 10mins with Manchester Girls down to 10 and again another defensive masterclass from both sides saw the game close out with no more goals scored.

Can not wait for the return game such was the enjoyment levels for not just parents, spectators and coaches but from the actual players too. Some you win, some you lose but this is what football should be all about. A bunch of friends running around with a ball having loads of fun.

Goals: Aaliyah – 1, Kezia – 1, Tiah – 1, April -1

Opposition GotG: Lilly RG. Managers GotG : April
Final Score:
Manchester Girls FC U14’s 4
Wythenshaw Amateurs U14’S 5

12.09.2020 SMGL League Game Away to Edenfield Girls FC

First Game of the Season for the Manchester Girls u14 ‘Devils’. 1 Girl in her 1st game, 3 girls in their 2nd games and the rest of the team made up from last year’s dedicated u13’s who played 9v9 on astro.
The girls have started back this season into the SMGL, meaning they go back to grass and straight into 11v11 playing on a home and away fixture.
1st game of the Season saw the girls compete in gorgeous surroundings against an unknown team for us in Edenfield Girls FC. With excitement actually outweighing any fears or nerves the players may of had, the girls set a blistering pace for the first 10 minutes before settling into a more composed state of play. 2nd half saw a complete change in position for some as the coaches played with a few new ideas for the team to take into games this season. Edenfield Girls played some lovely football and had some cracking chances but came up against a keeper and a team that were on top form.
Outstanding team play by the “Devils” saw the girls chalk up their 1st points of the season.
Goals- Kezia 4, Kayleigh 3, April 3, Emily H 2
Every player voted for by Management ๐Ÿ˜ for GotG
April takes the Opposition GotG award.

Final score:

Edenfield Girls FC 1. Manchester Girls FC 12

Gazebo Hair Salon Sponsor Manchester Girls FC U14’s

League Game v Droylsden Panthers 21.07.19

Words from the coach…..

Extremely proud of every single one of you today. Couldnโ€™t have asked for a better start to the season than that. You should be proud of yourselves too Iโ€™m sure your parents are. Absolutely amazing. Considering thatโ€™s your first game together I think you played some brilliant football. The ref gave April girl of the game and I gave our man of the match to Riss. Thank you all of you for pulling together to get us the 3 points we deserved. โคโšฝ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Final score MGFC 6- DPFC 0

Goal scorers were April 2, Lexi 1, Riss 1, Jaz 1, Kez 1.

Referee GOG = April Manager GOG = Riss

League Game v Failsworth Dynamo’S FC 28.07.19

Notes from the Manager…

Iโ€™ll take that 1-0 defeat today as Failsworth Dynamos have a good track record and are a long established team. Some of our girls are very new to the game and playing in only your second game together. You were all brill again! Our disallowed goal is what we needed but Iโ€™m not worried about the future. We were a couple of players short today too. Proud of how you all played, you were all over them all over the park, the better team by far, just a bit of a fluke they scored but not to worry ,so on to the next. The main defensive triangle of Keeper Emily and the twin Lilly defence were immense. In so much that the Ref’s GOG was Lilly RG and Managers GOG was Emily. New girl Paige grabbed a couple of mins to help bring some confidence to. And the rest of the girls grabbed some more invaluable playing time together. As mentioned as a brand new team, we did not look out of place facing a team that have been playing together for 3 years, infact our future looks really bright the more these girls get to play and train together.

Weโ€™ll take away todayโ€™s game as a lesson and learn from it at training. Well done girls. X

Friendly v Academy Juniors Girls 21.07.19

  • 1. Olivia C
  • 2. Lexi
  • 3.
  • 4.
  • 5.
  • 6. Kezia
  • 7. Emily
  • 8. Charlie
  • 9. Miley
  • 10. Danae
  • 11. Olivia
  • 12.
  • 13. Katie
  • 14.
  • 15.
  • 16. *New player alert* Matilda

Went into the game today a little short on usual numbers and missing were some of the experienced players. But joining in the ranks and playing for the first time was Matilda. A few girls were playing in a few differing positions due to absentees but when asked the girls never quibbled about being asked to cover the job at hand.

1st half was a very evenly matched affair with some crunching but fair tackles from both sides showing all that all these girls are here to play ball and put on a great game. Manchester Girls put on some slick passing from the back through midfield and out to both Kezia and Denae on the wings, who promptly started to show their pace and power with some great runs and fine crosses. Academies keeper was having a fine 1st half with a string of saves from Emily, Charlie and Miley who almost bagged her first headed goal. But it was Danae that finally managed to break the deadlock 2 minutes before the break. 1st half ended 1-0

2nd half started very much like the 1st with both teams not leaving anything in the locker but I think with Academy being a newer side and having a lot of experience still in a Manchester shirt the game truly took a large paradigm shift. The ball never really left the Academy half as the Manchester girls bolstered by a rousing half time talk and with players like Miley, Katie and Emily who had outstanding first half performances started to show a lot more composition on the ball. A quad-trick from Emily who was on fire in the second half, a further goal by Danae and 1 from Charlie capped a fine second half performance.

Friendly v Euxton Villa Girls 06.07.19

  1. Olivia C
  2. .
  3. .
  4. Lilly
  5. Jaz
  6. Kezia
  7. Emily
  8. Charlie
  9. Miley
  10. Danae
  11. Olivia
  12. Aaliyah
  13. Katie
  14. *new signing alert* Isabella

With the new season in mind coach Kirsty moved the pack around a little giving a few players time in a few new roles whilst also giving a new signing her first taste of club football at Manchester Girls u13’s. Welcome to the the Squad Issie! Taking up the no 14 shirt, she seemed a natural to the centre midfield role she was asked to play, earning her a few approving nods and words from coach Kirsty during the game. Girl of the Game was given to Danae, not only for the 2 goals scored but also for the outstanding performance on the right hand side of the pitch. Her team interplay was on point too as some of her powerful runs lead to some well executed crosses but also her ability to vocalise and use her passing to bring in a greater distribution of the ball around the field. Danae’s first goal came after some well played teamwork from the back of defence, Lilly played a ball up the left wing to an ever energetic awaiting Kezia (playing in an unfamiliar role on the left), taking on a couple of the opposition, Kezia manoeuvred her way up deep into the oppositions half and fired a cross using her unfavoured left foot across the middle of the box. The ball just bypassed a stretching Emily ( impressive in her striker role today) and Charlie ( impresses more and more in every game played) who just could not reach the fizzing cross, but our fearless left winger was in perfect position to control the ball and place it beyond the outstretched Euxton keeper. 1-0 to the Manchester Girls. Going into the second half the game was as ebb and flow as the first half with Euxton Villa Girls giving a good game but once again it was a powerful run down the left hand side after a fantastic passout by from the back from stalwart defender Olivia to Danae. Danae skipped passed a couple of Euxton players putting a deep cross to the back post that just happened to sail over the keepers outstretched fingers and disturbed the netting in the back of the goal!!. 2-0 to the Manc Girls. A sudden change in energy from Euxton saw them on the fight back and with some good exchanges of passes in the middle, some well fought tackles and slightly lackadaisical defence leading to a chance shot from outside the Manchester Girls box which caught our keeper off guard and the fight back was on, 2-1. But by this time the Euxton Villa girls who had run their hearts out and with having no substitutes for the match could only hang on to the score with some gritty defensive work. The ref blew for the final time and the score ended 2-1 to Manchester Girls. GotG for Euxton Villa had to be the 2 girls who stood in for the holidaying keepers, although new to the position they put in some mighty keeping to stop some of the shots produced at them by the Manchester Girls. ( well done keepers ) As for the Manchester Girls, it was another good bedding in process for some of the newer girls, especially Katie, who continues to grow into a very powerful central defender every game, who tackles hard and has no fear in any challenge. Kezia and Emily impressed in their exchanged roles today whist Miley, Charlie, Jaz and Aaliyah continue to dazzle coach Kirsty as they settle in to the team. Olivia and Lilly in defence were as formidable as usual. Keeper Olivia was on great form with a couple of outstanding stops from Euxton’s attacks. It was great to see that she kept her concentration given the periods of isolation in the game.

Friendly v Bury Girls 15.6.19

  1. Olivia C
  2. Lexi
  3. Riss
  4. Lilly
  5. Jaz
  6. Kezia
  7. Charlie
  8. .
  9. Danae
  10. Olivia
  11. .
  12. Katie

It was a moment of history for our first ever full team friendly game for the U13โ€™s. We took to the field against a well established Bury Girls u13โ€™s, with a mixture of new and experienced players in our midst. Game kicked off and it was quite obvious that this game was meaningful for both teams as both sides put in some crunching tackles to vie for dominance in the game. First half was full on straight from Kick Off and with no let up till the half time. Very much a box to box game for both teams which saw them both go in at half time at 2-2. Goals scored by Lexi and Charlie.

The 2nd half was no different than the first with both teams playing some great attacking football backed up by some equally amazing defensive work but it would see Manchester Girls taking home the victory after more second half goals scored by Charlie and Lexi again, as well as Kezia to make the final score 3-5.

Standout performances today were by both Riss and Charlie. Whilst new girls Katie and Jaz were indistinguishable from the experienced players on the team.

GotG -Charlie